Saturday, October 31, 2009

She came, She saw, She left exhausted

Aunt Julie and her friend Mr Pete came to see us for a few days.
It was a great time, though we wish they could have stayed a little longer.
Well, a lot longer.

When I mentioned to Matt that all was lined up for her visit,
he said "oh, 3 days. Good.
Just enough time for this crew to chew them up and spit them back out"
I do think they might have left feeling a little more tired,
but hopefully with some good memories.

We managed to pack a lot into three days.
School visit, violin lesson, playground time, bike riding,
s'more making, trick or treating, sightseeing,
food (I feel like we were constantly eating!?!)
and, well, lots of good stuff.

Now, um, when are you coming back Jul?
'Cause it won't be soon enough.
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Shellie said...

That's great that Aunt Julie got to visit. I know she must really miss them. said...

It was all too short, but really sweet :)