Sunday, October 25, 2009

't Goed ter Heule

The adventures never cease.
I set out searching the Internet and papers in hopes of finding a pumpkin patch.
It seems autumn in not celebrated quite the same way that we're used to.
Nevertheless, we set out to an organic farm, 't Goed ter Heule, an hour away,
to pick our pumpkins as well as an assortment of fresh organic vegetables.

The kids had a fabulous time. How fantastic to set foot on a farm, and be able to show them
that their food comes right from the ground, (not really from the supermarket shelf ).
"Zelfpluktuin" Pick your own farms- always the best.
The kiddos were each given a basket to fill with fruits and vegetables of their choice.
They filled up those baskets in no time, and would have kept picking if we'd have given them bigger baskets.
We left with a bundle of kale, strawberries, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and of course,
the pumpkins.
The strawberries however, didn't make it home.

Great fun. We promised to go back.
We're all looking forward to eating our veggies,
and the return trip to 't Goed ter Heule.
(Double click anywhere on the collages for a much better view.
...I should adjust the size of the photos on the blog;
it certainly seems sometimes that they show up a bit too small.)
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