Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treating

Halloween is not so popular here.
Trick or Treating doesn't happen in the widespread way that we're used to.
I caught word that there would be one neighborhood about a 15 minute drive away,
where we could sign up to go to 'trick or treat'.
The catch was that we had to bring the candy the week prior, and get a map of the houses that would participate.
The flyer for this event, still cracks me up-
encouraging people to drop off candy or they would not be welcome to trick or treat,
the final words on the poster were " no candy, no fun!"
Guess that sums Halloween up eh?
We were really lucky to have Aunt Julie and Mr Pete here for trick or treating this year.
It was great to have extra hands holding onto the kids,
watching out for cars, and hauling tired bodies home.

Must not forget to mention Mr Pete, who ended
up picking rocks out of Emory's shoes.
Thank you!
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