Thursday, November 19, 2009

He Traded In His Crawling Shoes

With his cheering section ready and waiting, he
has proven that he's quite a capable walker.

It's the favorite family game now
"Get Arleigh to walk to me".
He's as proud as anyone too. He wears a HUGE smile
across his face as he toddles with each step.

He knows he's made big strides.
And he knows that it won't be long before
they won't be able to catch him!

Congratulations Arleigh!
May those feet take you on plenty of
amazing and wonderful journeys!
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Shellie said...

Yea Arleigh! Yea big brother and sisters! That is exciting. So while your children are making great strides and meeting son whips out his manhood in the driveway and proceeds to water the lawn. We are so trailer. Miss you guys. said...

Shellie- please, refer to the July
25th blog "What's next?"
One word- "drumstick" You're not alone.

Shellie said...

OMG!! Okay, you have me beat with that one! hahahaha How do you survive and keep your humor!? That is hilarious. I can't believe I missed that one.