Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Pomp and Circumstance of Dressing

Before bed each night, he lays his clothing out for the next day.
It's quite a ceremony.
First all the shirts from the drawer are displayed in a neat circle around him on the floor.
Then he contemplates which shirt to wear.
After much deliberation, the official garment is selected.

Then the "boy on the floor" procedure begins.
This is the part of the event where he lays out each piece of clothing on the floor
as he says "like a little boy is wearing it".
Underwear first, the pants on top, then the official shirt.
Socks are last but not least.

This clothing selection takes place each evening
with much pomp and circumstance.
It's a serious matter, all before the official donning of the clothes 12 hours later.
Approximately 30 minutes after he has dressed, he eats a morning meal.
Then jelly, or peanut butter, or syrup, or some other sticky food is smeared, dropped,
spread, or dripped upon the official garments of the day and a
new outfit is selected in a matter of 5 minutes.
And so his day begins...
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Shellie said...

Parker does the same exact thing! hahaha what is it with them? said...

It's crazy! Really! Such a complete ritual!