Friday, November 27, 2009

Tis the Season

Like the squirrel storing nuts for winter,
or the daffodils blooming in the spring,
or the graceful turn of colors in the fall,

Stella starts asking begging to wear her Christmas stockings.
A full blown indication to the world that this special season is upon us.
So, the decorations are out, and up, and shining as bright as ever.
The kids are bustling with excitement.
Bedtime stories have turned into Christmas stories.
Ornaments drip from the tree limbs, mostly at the bottom of the tree.
They are rearranged daily, I might add.

Addie seems to have taken on Q &A this year,
as she deems it necessary, daily, to fully inspect and certify
that all ornaments with moving parts are fully functioning.

But Oh! The pyromaniacs, who love a warm evening fire on chilly nights.
Or, really, as Emory states quite simply, and as well as any other 3 year old,
they "like to put things in there and watch them burn."
Yes, tis the Season!
Let the holiday spirit fill your heart,
and then say a prayer that they don't burn this house down.

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