Thursday, December 10, 2009

Out and About

My dear sweet husband took a 1/2 day so that I could
venture out with mom and dad and not have kids in tow.
It was a nice time. With a late start, we didn't accomplish our primary plan.
Nonetheless, it was a nice afternoon out.

There was something just terrific about taking them around the old buildings and sites.
Dad was always the traveler in the family. He's been all over the world.
When I was growing up he often talked about travel;
where he wanted to visit, how things were different,
and what he saw that he wanted to share with the family.
Consequently he instilled an interest in travel, at least, in me.

We're really lucky to have them here this holiday season.

This is not the picture of perfect health of course.
1 year ago at this time, dad was recovering from quadruple bypass surgery.
So, when I say we are lucky mom and dad are visiting, we really are.
A moment of indulgence- and experience, as dad learned that
real Belgian frittes are eaten with mayo or "sauce", not ketchup.
Bon Appetite!
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Shellie said...

Hope you guys all enjoy your company. I am glad you get to be together. Have happy holidays and post lots of pics, please!