Wednesday, December 16, 2009

She Did Somersaults

It snowed in Brussels today.
Within minutes of the first snowflakes touching the ground, Stella could be found somersaulting for joy.
Fascinated with the snowflakes, she wouldn't let me scrape the ice crystals off of the back car window, near her seat this morning.

And I don't know what you saw in your pancakes this morning, or your grilled cheese at lunch,
but this is what I found in my yard.

And out the window I spied kids trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues.

Now if she could just get another 6 inches that would stick for a few months,
she might mistake Belgium for a slice of heaven.


Julia said...

Oh my aching back, oh my aging joints. A long time ago I could have been out there doing flips with you Bo-Bella, but to join you now I would need about 6 more inches of the white fluffy stuff on the ground!

It looks like everyone will have a nice long winter. I have a bunch of fire wood for you back here! said...

Aunt Julie, who are you kidding? You can chuck a snowball (or a churro if necessary), and cartwheel or somersault when you really need to! Thanks for the firewood! We're looking forward to it!