Thursday, December 10, 2009

Something's Missing

Not in there....

Nope, we checked, it's really NOT in there!
(Stella has checked, and checked, and checked in the same place,...but it's still missing)

Ahhh! There it is!
Just in time for the tooth fairy.

Funny how kids have their own intuition.
Stella said about 2 weeks ago that she would have the
Tooth Fairy, St. Nick,
The House Fairy (long story, but I'd gladly fill you in if you'd like) and Santa
all visit her this month. Sure enough, she's on target with 3/4 checks in the block.
Congrats Stella! One step closer to claiming the title "Adult".
No doubt though, you'll be one to stay young at heart!
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1 comment:

Shellie said...

Congrats Stella!! Parker can't stop wiggling them all now that she realized that money comes with the loss of a tooth. I can't decide if that is good or bad.