Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Their way

Home that is. They are on their way.
Almost a full month here,
they crossed 6 countries in 4 days,
climbed to the top of the Alps (via train of course),
baked cookies, helped match socks, wrapped gifts,
played games, completed puzzles,
were victims of pickpocket theft,
cleaned dishes,
spun the kids up and settled them down with story time,
babysat for a night,
made snowman pancakes,
vacuumed with a most miserable vac,
walked kids to school,
shopped, videoed, photographed,
taught the kids how to squirt water with
the rubber duckies in the bathtub (Gee thanks dad.)

Safe travels mom and dad.
Have a good trip back and we do hope you come again soon.
There's a lot more that we didn't do!
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Fat Pilot said...
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Fat Pilot said...

Mandy, sorry. I deleted my other comment when I realized that it signed me in as Fat Pilot (which is my other alias so I didn't think you would know who the hell Fat Pilot was) :-)

Fat Pilot said...

aw crap...it did it again. Ok, it's me, Shellie.

Fat Pilot said...

Was just saying that I hope your parents have a safe trip home and I am glad they got to be with you guys over the holidays. There is nothing better than mom and dad! (if you like them, of course, which I happen to) :-D

mandy said...

Fat Pilot? Seriously?
Anything but Miss Shellie!
Maybe "Phat" You need to change that sister.

Fat Pilot said...

hehehe...you are too funny. It is my motivational title to get back in shape. Marv and I are on a quest to think each other is hot again. Not too sure we can pull that one off, but I really let myself go for December and I am paying for it. And no, I am not talking a pound or two ;-) Too many good treats.