Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dear Husband

Haven't been to blog much because we've been rather busy the last few weeks here.
I share with you our week in review, via an email I sent to dear Matt while he was away for a week of work in Armenia. You read that right, Armenia. May have to look that one up on the map eh? (No worries, he had to look it up too when he found out he was heading there for work. Me? No, I knew exactly where it was located. Far, far away from our own humble home. When he has to go somewhere for work, it never matters where it is. He's not home, and that's all that matters.)

On the first night he was gone, we enjoyed pancakes "the way our English friends eat them". If you've never had pancakes 'English style', you're missing out. They squeeze lemon across the pancake and then sprinkle sugar on top, roll the pancake up and eat away. It's truly delicious.
Though not long after this tasty experience with the kids, did I find myself at the computer, pounding out a note of frustration. I've spent my fair share of flying solo and single parenting, to say the least. He was away last week, and one more week shouldn't have been such a big deal, or so I thought....
In a slight moment of weakness, however, I sent off this email:

Dear Matt, I hope you like your job, cause I'm becoming fed up with it. Thanks for the out of office reply on the first trial for this email. I wasn't sure where you went. Glad to know you plan to be back however.
You ask how things are here? Let me try to break it down for you.

Day 1- Barbie lost her hair because Emory decided to play barbershop. This incident led to a potential WWIII, eventually diffused when Stella gave up in truce and decided to use her 'short hair' Barbie for the bathtub, "even though her hair won't swirl in the water anymore". (Tears, Tears, Tears)
Day 2- Long long night. Children were awake because we had monsters running amuck through the house. I had to preform a full evacuation of all closets and complete inspection beneath beds. In the end, a 2:30am pull for the monster spray was what did the trick. Thank goodness for the monster spray (aka Febreeze to those of us not concerned about a monster under the bed).

The kids are all sick. Nasty noses. We're a regular snot factory here.
I had to clean jelly out of Emory's nose tonight, not once, but twice. I have no idea how he managed to load his nostrils up with jelly, but I recommend you steer clear of the blackberry jam upon your return home.

Are you eating well? Sleeping well? Are there monsters in your hotel too?
Day 3- Each child was given a chore to vac one rug. Emory chose the entrance way, Addie the playroom, (and it appeared as if she hadn't done a thing when she announced "I'm all done!"). Stella picked the dining room. So in that order, the rugs were swept. But sometime during Stella's turn, the vac began to sound rather funny. I asked Stella if she might have swept up anything that could be causing that odd sound. She explained in her tiny voice "Well, I just swept up a peanut butter and jelly from Emory."

Honey, as the rest of us, the vac will be waiting on you :)

Day 4- Several Belgian schools have closed to disinfect the school due to a large outbreak of virus, with many children out of school due to vomiting. I'm sure this will head our way sooner than later. So far the virus is going around school, but the school remains open.

Oh I love you so! Be safe and can't wait to have you home again!

So, I should have known better on day 4. Normal day otherwise. Took the kids to their swimming lesson, but it was sometime around the end of Emory's lesson that I began to feel dinner swirl in my stomach and a slight ping of pain coming on as a headache. By 7:30pm I was begging the kids to put themselves to bed in between hugging the toilet and rinsing my mouth out. Constantly vomiting, I managed to get school lunches made and flop into bed myself. Most of the night was spent in the bathroom, holding the toilet. By 3am I called Matt and encouraged him to consider coming home, as there was no one to care for the kids.
To make a long week sound shorter, he managed to make arrangements to fly home a day early. I am happy to announce, that though the virus has spread to Stella, I am recovering, the vac is working again, the monsters have all been scared away, and it is Arleigh who is most fascianted with Barbie's new harcut. Who knew a week ago how much fun we'd have! :)


Julia said...

Okay, okay. You win - your week was worse than mine. :)
I wish you were closer so I could help.

Mandy said...

Oh man, I wish you were closer too!
not to mention, we can use all the help we can get! miss you!

Fat Pilot said...

OMG girl. I hope you are okay. I cringed the whole time I read through and I totally feel your pain (well, luckily for me not the vomit pain parts) because Marv just got back from a month in Pensacola. That was great fun. I am not a good single mom. I hope you get better soon and life gets back to normal. Wish I could help too!

Mandy said...

Hey there-
it's not a "woe is me" kinda thing. really it's just shocking to know what I was thinking/planning for the week on Monday and by Wednesday, we're turned upside down. Quite seriously, you just never know what's around the corner eh?