Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Misery Loves Company

They say Misery Loves Company, "Company"

Mr. Miserable has shown a lot of affection for Company lately.
Company is carted all over the house.
She sleeps in the crib with Misery. Eats with him. Takes oatmeal bathes with him.
As you may notice, even endures Calamine treatments with him.

Despite the siblings best efforts to spend their free time making Arleigh smile again,
he's still feeling just like, you guessed it,

Hang in there tough guy.
At least you have Company :)
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Fat Pilot said...

Well, at least he isn't looking as miserable as he was in the last photo shoot. Poor man.

Is the doll his "thing"? If so, that is hilarious and hugely adorable!! (even if Company really isn't all that attractive)

Mandy said...

Yeah- Company his his 'thing'. Very funny. (Just when I thought I could toss some friends from the doll basket)

Fat Pilot said...

Marv would be mortified. It's funny because I never took him as the kind of guy who would care, but he always cringes when Jack wear Parker's fancy shoes. I have THE BEST picture of Jack in baby Naval Academy underwear (otherwise naked) and wearing a pair of ruby red shoes. Priceless! His thing is a build-a-bear cat that started out as Parker's. Marv says it's a tiger, but it's a cat. I think he has issues :-D

Julia said...

I feel for Arleigh, but Mandy, that blog was hilarious. I feel bad for laughing at it but can't seem to get this smaile off of my face. I hope Arleigh starts to feel better soon.
Hopefully there is still no sign of the chicken pox on Emory.

mandy said...

"Hilarious" is not what I'd call the current situation, but it is, at times, entertaining perhaps. No sign on Emory so far... Keep smiling Jul :)