Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time to Celebrate

A little party at home for daddy.
(~Cause we come ready equipped with party animals)

He had lots of helpers to blow out the candles,
and even a little helper who decided to eat the candles.

A few gifts that the party animals picked out on their own,
Stella picked out a pen for Matt that said "Pilot" (the Pilot brand of pen)
because, after all, he is a pilot right?
Emory selected shaving gel, as he's proud that
"daddy likes to shave with me".
And of course the hand made cards to
wish daddy a fabulous birthday and
many, many more.

Happy Birthday Matt!
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Julia said...

And a very happy birthday to you Matt....I had no idea you were so young!

mph0172 said...

And A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO Aunt Julie! Hope it was a great day! Gift to be emailed soon :)