Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We Wish You Good Health

I hate for this to be the first post in the New Year. I really hate it.
Poor Kid. Arleigh was diagnosed yesterday with the chicken pox.
6 days ago he had a vaccination for chicken pox, but was unfortunately, theoretically, exposed 3 weeks ago.
Europeans don't vaccinate for chicken pox. Apparently we were a couple weeks too late on this one.
He'd been running a low temp and broke out in the rashy, bumpy, red spots this weekend.
As his cranky behavior ramped up and his appetite came to almost a complete halt,
we figured we better let the doc take a look.

His lymph nodes are the size of grapes (no kidding). He's a tiny 18 pounds,
so his loss of appetite is something for us to keep an eye on,
and his normally easy going personality has vanished right before our eyes.
Poor kid. He's miserable.

The itching seems to finally be getting to him as well.
He's scratching his head, his diaper, his legs, his ears, and just about
anything else he can reach.

Said to show up about 2 weeks between siblings, we're keeping our fingers crossed that the others don't follow the same fate.
Emory has had one vaccination, but had an appointment for his second vaccination in January.
Time will tell.
Meanwhile, oatmeal baths, Tylenol and Benedryl are the top three favorite items in this house.
~Happy New Year~
We wish you all GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINESS in 2010!

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Fat Pilot said...

Oh my God! Poor little guy. I am so sorry Mandy. I know how terrible it feels not being able to do anything when you wish you could. Hang in there. Hopefully everyone else will be okay. Can't wait for you guys to come home. Everything seems so much better when you are home (but then again, I am biased :-)


mph0172@gmail.com said...

yeah- 2 more years Shellie! 2 more blessed years bumbling around like a circus act in a foreign country.
Seriously- "fat pilot" is so unfitting (no pun intended there)...I still think you and Marv are hot, what more do you need? :)

Fat Pilot said...

how the hell have you always managed to keep your sense of humor girl??? One of the MANY things I adore about you.