Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bombs Away!

Laundry. Ugh.
Luckily, a nearby base allows us to borrow an American size washer and dryer.
European versions are much much smaller. A smaller washing machine wouldn't be of any concern,
1) you can only fit about 3-6 articles of clothing, or 2-3 towels into the European version
2) we're doing laundry for a family of 6. That can add up to a lot.
We do try to conserve water and electricity however.
We hang clothes dry when possible, and the kids have been trained not to just dump clothing in the laundry.
If they put it in their basket, it better have the need to be there.
Still, we wash about 6 full laundry baskets, every 2 weeks.

The washer we're borrowing is called "Speed Queen", labeled right across the top.
Funny, but our cycle of laundry is definitely not speedy, and shows no sign of a queen's royalty.
Really, who thought a washing machine should have "queen" in the title? I'm not a full blown feminist or anything but if the manufacturer has to imply royalty,
why not "Quick King"?
This machine really should have been called "sock eater", "simplicity", or even "hunk-a-burnin' love", but "Speed Queen"? Come now.

What is utterly charming however, (or at least a lot of fun),
is the practice of "bombs away".
The kids sort and then dump their laundry down a chute from the second floor to the garage,
near the laundry room. This is one chore they really love.
"Bomb's Away!!!!!" come your dirty underwear, smelly socks, and stinky t-shirts!

I do think sometimes, they contemplate throwing other things down that chute.
Luckily, it's often 'out of sight out of mind',
hidden away in an upstairs closet floor. So we haven't had any trouble,..yet.

Come on over to our place for laundry.
We have a fully trained and fun filled
operation for sorting, moving, and folding your favorite t-shirt and pantaloons.
Not to mention, a "Speed Queen" that can get the job done.
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Fat Pilot said...

That's funny! You know, I designed my entire bathroom/laundry room remodel around the laundry shoot from the kids bathroom upstairs. I will NEVER go without one now! My kids don't have the Hills' laundry shoot ethics though (surprise surprise...wild Carlin kids) I have gotten dirty diapers, clean socks still rolled up (I am sure there is a game involved there), a pillow, shoes, toys...but thankfully, no Parker or Jack YET.

mandy said...

I think I remember your plans on that laundry shoot! It's fab isn't it! They do love it, and have a routine down smooth now,..which I love! Happy folding!