Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cause to Look Up

The Ludwigsburg Schloss (Palace) was simply amazing. Ornate detail everywhere. The castle was initally a hunting 'cabin' shall we say, until it was decided, 500 years ago, that construction would resume to build additional wings. Upon construction, the interior was completed in a Baroque style, but eventually, hundreds of years later, changed to Neoclassical style.  I noticed Emory was gazing up, viewing the painted ceilings rather often. He'd comment about chandeliers, or paintings "I like that one". Or, "I don't really like that". When I 'd ask him "why?" or "why not?" He'd say, "because it's fancy" or occasionally he'd remark, "because it's too much".

One of the most interesting ceilings (below) was being restored. The room's center was the ideal place to view the magnificent walls and overhead paintings, as they were done as "Baroque illusion paintings".
Where the ceiling meets the wall, huge pillars and archways were painted in to look like they were real.
It is cause for a double take.
I found myself trying to figure out what was painted in, and what was actually architecture.

The painting in the background (below) is of Queen Charlotte from England.
She married the king and spent her days here at the castle. She was known to be kind and engaging to the people of the land, which was something quite new. Most nobles didn't associate at all with those of lower status. She seemed to be a Martha Stewart of her day as well, painting on vases, completing embroidery and needlework for sofa and chair covers, which are all still available to view in the schloss today.

Chess anyone?
One of many game rooms in a connected parlor area.

This room was decorated in mirrors. Our guide emphasized that in its peak days of the palace, mirrors were very expensive and these were made in Italy and then transported to Germany, adding to the cost.
The guide told a "priceless joke" that if only they had known how cheap mirrors would soon become, they might have decided to commission Reubens or Rembrandt to paint there instead.
This room was, at the time, known to be quite a "show off room".

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Julia said...

A hunting 'cabin'. I sure would like to have one of those some day. Although mine would not have to come equipped with two churches.