Thursday, February 25, 2010

Frenectomy Update

We've had a lot of folks ask, email, and call. Addie survived her surgery and in fact, the surgeon said she was "a very brave girl". They said she asked a lot of questions, about everything they did and said and used during the surgery. When they let me in the room to see her, I held her sweaty palms and asked her a lot of "yes" and "no" questions until they let her stand up and walk around. She really seemed fine. By the time we got to the metro station, she was chatting away. I was, a bit taken back. Then, the anesthetic began to wear off, and by bedtime she was teary eyed, but coping. She's had a swollen lip since, and carries an ice pack, but overall, she's doing just fine. She has a check up in a week and stitches will be removed in 3 weeks.
Thanks for all of your concern, prayers, and kind words. She's tired of soft, cold foods, but is doing just fine. 


Fat Pilot said...

awww man, hope she feels better soon. That is no fun. Big hugs from us.

mandy said...

Hey there!
She's a good kiddo and coping well. I have a feeling, in 2 months, perhaps even 2 weeks, she'll think nothing of it.
Hugs on the return!