Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Frenectomy

One glance at this kids teeth and you realize she's an orthodontic nightmare.
We love her still.
She's about to have a frenectomy. She's scared, nervous, and has a lot of questions. A lot.
A frenectomy is the removal of the frenulum, a small fold of tissue that prevents
body parts or organs from moving too far.
In this case, the surgeon will remove the a section of tissue,
the frenulum, that is attached to the gingival tissue between her front two teeth.
It's causing a gap in her front teeth, among other problems.
The doc said she may only eat cold soft foods for 48 hours post op.
So, with surgery soon, there will likely be tears, and definitely stitches, and a lot of ice cream.
Hang in there kiddo! Haven't we told you to keep a stiff upper lip?

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jamie said...

Do your other kids have a tight upper frenulum too?

mandy said...

Well, Stella isn't as bad, but it's there. I had it and had the surgery as well way back when. Addie's is considered "significant" and is definitely more pronounced than the others. All th dentists we've seen have taken a conservative approach and wanted to "wait it out". Unfortunately for Addie, now they are all saying, "it's time".

jamie said...

Interesting. I have asked a lot of questions about because two of my girls have tight frenulums - but of course they are still young and still have baby teeth (or hardly any at all). But I found out that it runs in Ryan's family. His mom said that everyone she knows with a tight frenulum eventually just trips or has some little accident where it tears. An accidental frenectomy, I guess.

Anyway, all that to really say, "good luck, Addie!"

Fat Pilot said...

Yuck. I know... no fun, but somehow I bet mom is going to make it bearable :-) Good luck Addie.