Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guam video

Addie's teacher asked me today 'où est la Guam ?' (Where is Guam?) I honestly have no idea, after almost a year at a French school, where this came from. She mentioned she had looked at photos of the girls when they first arrived here in Belgium, and their skim was very tan. Yes, it was. Not so much today.
Anyway, she asked me if tomoorrow, I'd bring a map to school with the location of Guam, along with some photos for Addie's class. I hated the thought of pulling up photos from the ol computer and printing all afternoon, so instead, a few clicks and viola! a video! Just for kicks, as this week marks the 1 year anniversary of our trek to Belgium, I thought I'd post it. You don't need to pull out the popcorn as it's nothing terribly exciting. As she requested, it's based on what Addie and Stella experienced in Guam....

Note- a few of the photos in this video were taken by our favorite photographer,"Miss Jamie", better known as Jamie Bailey. Thanks again Jamie. You sealed some great Guam memories in your photos!


The Mommy said...

Hi Miss Mandy!

What a fantastic, little movie. DeMille and I just watched it twice and enjoyed it very much. I am sure it helped show your life in Guam to teachers/students at La Fermette!

One question from DeMille: what are the black things in the water beside Addie at 0:51/2:44?

What an amazing childhood so far, full of incredible adventures! Love, the Scarabellos in Singapore

Mandy said...

Hey Kim- those black things are "sea cucumbers" -squishy, mushy, layin around on the bottom of the sand things :)

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