Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's incredible

It’s incredible. A year ago, the kids knew about 3 words in French and no Flemish. Today, they still know minimal Flemish, but Addie is fluent in French. Stella is not far behind. Emory can understand most anything someone says in French. The girls had a play date today with a friend from school who only speaks German and French. She knows little to no English. The entire playtime they spent speaking French to each other and it was just incredible to watch. To realize how frustrated Addie was a year ago and how fluent she is now is simply amazing.

2 days ago, I caught Addie and Stella arguing in French. I could understand what they were saying, but Matt observed the argument as well and knowing little to no French, said “they are probably making it up”. They weren’t.

It’s scary to think the kids may soon be able to speak to each other and Matt and I will have no idea what they are saying. In the meantime, I’m taking it all in; relishing in their amazing advances. Afterall, maybe I don't want to know what they are saying?!


Fat Pilot said...

Man, that is cool. I am so jealous. You are so brave to travel so much with the kids and they are gaining a LIFETIME of experiences because of it. Makes me feel bad that I am not more adventurous. Been in Norfolk for 13 years now!!!! BORING.

Mandy said...

Oh please- don't be jealous. We're a circus act. and "brave"? nah- just crazy :)