Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ludwigsburg Schloss - outside

The Ludwigsburg Schloss, I have to say," a must see" if you happen to be in the Stuttgart, Germany region.

The outside is impressive. The kids however, were more fascinated with the ice on the ground than the Palace itself, at least initially. Outside, it was cold, and inside, it was, well, cold.

Visiting the Palace in the winter meant that we wouldn’t be able to see the “Fairytale gardens” where a tower houses Rapunzel and she lets her hair down to you if you call to her. (Now on my bucket list, we’ll just have to go back in warmer weather. I was told Rapunzel lives in the Mediterranean in the winter months because there is no heat in the tower, but she‘ll be back to her tower as soon as spring blooms).

When do you have to go back to Stuttgart Matt? Rapunzel, hopefully will be waiting on us.
In the meantime, we explored what we could.

I want my garden to look like this!

Emory played gatekeeper with Stella while Matt and I got our bearings.

It didn't take long before we ambled inside to see the palace fit for a king.

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