Sunday, February 14, 2010

The New Header

I wanted to get a new header photo up early in the New Year.
Perhaps even for the New Year, but I hadn't counted on
chicken pox, among other things.
Finally it's up. The kids don't like it.
Well, Emory does, of course.

Stella though, she knew those were her hands in the old header,
on the beach, holding that seashell.
She really likes that photo. I do too.
And sometimes, change is good.

We can always go back.
For now though, we're going to look forward with something new.
I hope, in time, even Stella will appreciate it.
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Jean said...

Great blog Mandy! I love all your photos and you have such a talent adding your life stories to go along with them.

Lily is still wearing your girls' dresses and loving every time I pull out a new one. Now that we are in DC she needs to wear a sweater along with them though. lol Thank you, again.

What a wonderful time it looks like you all are having. I'm enjoying it through the eyes of your camera. I look forward to what might be happening next...

Take care,
Jean Olech

Mandy said...

Hi Jean!
Great to hear from you guys! Yes, it's an adventure, as you well know. So glad to hear those dresses have been put to good use. That's wonderful! Though from the sounds of it, living in D.C. this year requires not only sweaters, but good snow boots as well. Glad we could pass them on. Certainly Lily is growing by the second.
Please do keep in touch,
Thanks for checking in!