Sunday, February 14, 2010

Searching for a Mate

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
We house possibly the largest collection of "singles" this side of the world.
Socks that is.

Arrival in Belgium- about 10 pairs of socks between the entire family of 6.
In Guam, we wore sandals. No need for socks.
1 year later, to the day, ....130 single socks, each missing their life partner.
Astounding really.

The kids obviously, deal with this in their own way.
Matt and I are placing an ad in the classifieds however.
The basket of loners doesn't really give one the 'warm and fuzzies'.
Calling on all help, advice, and support of social networks,
we are desperately trying to find mates.
*Desperately Seeking Socks*
They have been tragically separated from loved ones,
through unfortunate and unknown events.
(Seriously, people, where do those dang socks go?
Just walk right off the job? Up and leave the family with what?
...desperation. That's what.)

Each sock has their own special colorful personality.
Some even come with a "Penn State University" education.
(apologies to Aunt Julie)
Some, shall we say, are brighter than others.
But all 130 need a friend for life.

If you happen to know where we might find a few mates, please let us know.
We're desperately searching for the singles.
In the meantime, happy heart day to you all. Enjoy your loved ones.
May you never be separated from them!
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jamie said...

In the last year we decided to get rid of all but two types of socks in our house (very few exceptions). We have one main kind of sock that Ryan and I share - and another main kind of sock that all three girls share (normal fit on the older two girls, and knee-highs on Jane). It sure makes laundry easy!

Mandy said...

Jamie, that is an absolutely fantastic idea. One that we may very well implement as soon as possible! Thank you!