Saturday, March 6, 2010

The House Fairy

Of course, you've heard of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and perhaps the tooth fairy.
But have you heard of the House Fairy?
You can be placed on her "appointment list" for a mere 15 green backs.
This list allows kids access to visit her full website, with videos on how to clean their room, organize, declutter, make peanut butter and jelly rolls, among other things. What that appointment list provides the parents, is clean kid rooms.
The kids clean their rooms for the house fairy to visit.
 If they are clean and orderly, based on her "rules" then she leaves a surprise.
 If the room is not so neat, she simply leaves fairy dust.
She often leaves a note on her letterhead as well.
If you room happens to be spectcular, she'll take a photo and post it on her website.
My nosey nancies like to look at all the other kids rooms who made the grade.

Quite honestly, the woman is a hoot, not to mention, odd, but who cares?
 The kids dig her and
it means less chatter about picking up.
She can be found here if you happen to be at wits end.

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