Saturday, March 20, 2010

Land of Nod

Man, I just love snuggling this guy. He takes a nap about two to three times a week, after half a day of school. He sets pillows out in the playroom, gathers blankets, his ‘doggy, monkey, and bear’, tucks them in and sets off for the land of nod. Often, he asks me to lay beside him until he falls asleep. I find it all too much  fun to pretend I’m sleeping so that he settles down and falls asleep himself. Occasionally we find ourselves peeking at each other to see if the other is sleeping yet. This event is then met with smiles, giggles, and sometimes, tickles. The cycle repeats itself until eventually, one of us finally crashes.

I realized that the naps and snuggle time will probably draw to a close over the next year. I’m gonna miss those naps a lot.


Fat Pilot said...

Aren't they great! I have to admit that I really enjoy getting to do this with Jack too. So sad that they grow up :-(

Anonymous said...

It really is great- we truly love our kids the most when they are fast asleep :)

Mandy said...

It is great isn't it! We truly love our kids most when they are sleeping!