Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lookin' Sharp

He's been on the hunt for quite awhile for a cap.
Baseball caps stick out in a crowd. You really don't see too many people wearing them around here.
We've graced the doors of fine hats shops and street vendors too,
searching for just the right cap in the right color, and the prefect fit.

He finally found it!
I have to say handsome,
you're lookin' sharp.
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Julia said...

Did the black and white patterned hat (shown in the first photo) not come in Matt's size?

Mandy said...

Oh Boy! Nah- I think it was out of stock in his size...

Fat Pilot said...

hehehehe....kind of old manish, isn't it? (just kidding! :-), but I won't show Marv. If you guys were here I am sure he would get mileage out of that, just like when he found out that Tommy Clark was watching the Bachelor wedding episode. These guys are brutal but it makes for some entertaining moments. We miss you guys! said...

Quite honestly, here, the cap fits in very well. I have a feeling he'll shake it upon return. For now though, it's a matter of fitting in a little better- we stick out enough speaking English and carting around a circus of 4 kids! Miss you too!