Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Merry Christmas to Me

Several months ago, I was internet surfing and came across info that my favorite music of all time, for a long time, DMB (The Dave Matthews Band) would be playing here in Antwerp, in March. With glee, I screamed it across the house to my dear husband, who sweetly responded with "Why don't you get tickets and call it 'Christmas'?"

...If you have no idea who they are, I recommend you start here. They have a unique style, meshing versions of funk, jazz, rock, and blues throughout their music. Of course, I like lots of different kinds of music, but for me, there will simply never be music quite like this.
Ahhh. Merry Christmas to me! We purchased tickets on the floor, found a great babysitter, and set off. It was a fantastic concert. Much to our surprise, the Lotto Arena was quite small and we stood only 20 feet from Dave's microphone. I counted- several times. We were only 5 rows of people back from the stage. Awesome. Having been to various DMB concerts, I can assure, they never disappoint. This was the best we've seen, basically because we were up front and center. Here's a clip from a fellow audience member. Do you see me? Look closely, I'm right down front there, bobbing my head and belting out all the words...

We may never be so lucky again. To be able to be so close, in such a small arena, so we're still in awe.
Rock on DMB!

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