Saturday, March 6, 2010

Accidents Happen,...but does it have to be on stage?

She peed on the stage. Yeah- there she was at the group violin lesson. Surrounded by the teacher and about 10 other students. She was apparently too afraid to ask if she could be excused for a moment to go to the bathroom. Even from the audience of parents, sitting two rows from the back, I noticed the dance she was doing. With caution, I called down to her on stage as the teacher was working with others “Stella” I called in a loud whisper, motioning with my hand waving towards the bathroom, “Do you have to go?” She nodded an emphatic “No!” So I left it.
I wish I hadn’t. I should have drug her to the bathroom because about 10 minutes later, I was wiping up a puddle of urine from the stage floor in front of the other parents and a smiling teacher. Meanwhile, Stella was in the bathroom, bellowing about having to wear wet “pantsies” and never playing her violin again.
This is why she’s still wet in the video, and wearing pajamas. I suppose after an event like that, I’d want to crawl into pajamas too. She had a nice long tubby, and changed into ‘something more comfortable’.
But I was adamant that she pick her violin back up sooner than later. This devastation on the stage, could not allow her to crawl up in a ball and hide. Hard to imagine Stella hiding from anything. That kid has spunk. But she threatened all the way home, so the first thing we did was play a few songs for the camera. Enjoy :)

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Julia said...

You were beautiful in the video, Bo-Bella. I just love your vilin playing.