Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Street Musicians

Love them. They add a fabulous ambience to travels over winding cobblestone and quaint shops scattered through the city. This guy must be American- he sings clearly in English and plays songs you’d hear on a U.S. radio station.

This guy plays from train to train on the metro system. If you’re lucky, you can hear him play his accordion in the beginning of your day, and again on your way home.


The Mommy said...

Hi Mandy!

I remember seeing that ol' guy from time to time. He is a great musician!

Our Grandparents just got back to Toronto after three, fun-filled weeks in Singapore. Next week some more relatives arrive from Calgary which will be nice. Hope you are having a great time with your set of grandfolks too.

Big hugs and best wishes, the Scarabellos

Surbhi Jain said...

You rarely find such people in India. So I have never seen them. But what I know is that they are great musicians worth listening! I wish India had some of them too :)

Mandy said...

They do add such a great sound to the streets. I once saw a man walking down the street with a music box, winding a crank from the side and it played the most fun music. I still wish I'd have had a camera or video in that moment. There's just something fantastic about them and the streets wouldn't be nearly the same without them.