Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Has Sprung in Holland

The annual Keukenhof trip was yesterday and we were grateful for nice weather.
The drive to and from the Netherlands is a rather boring drive.
Not much to see out the window, unless you're counting windmills,
and as grandpa joked, we were 'the only hills around'.

Nevertheless, it's so nice to usher in spring at the gardens.
Meticulously groomed and manicured, the gardens boast color and beauty
for a days worth of wandering around flowers.

Perhaps it was our timing in the season, but I was disappointed by the lack of flowers blooming in the fields.
Maybe we were too early on this visit, but lots of fields looked as if blooms might be a long ways off, and some appeared as if there was simply overturned dirt, to expect nothing growing there.
Last year those same fields had color across them for as far as your eye could see.
The gardens were lovely, but at the time, I was equally impressed with the fields of flowers.

Ah well, nothing like skipping across the pond, around the swans and lillies to welcome a new season.
We really can't complain.

Just a few more shots thrown together- as I'm realizing we have lots of spring color to share!
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Sarafina said...

Really nice photo's, do you enjoy Holland?
(it is the country where I live in !)

mandy said...

Holland is really beautiful and the people are quite welcoming and friendly. We do truly enjoy it there and hope to retrun at least once a year while we live in Europe! You are lucky to be from Holland :)