Thursday, April 8, 2010

This was how I spent the chocolate museum tour

While everyone else was in the chocolate museum, Arleigh and I spent a little quality time together outside. Clearly, he had plans other than the museum and wanted nothing to do with chocolate, history, or staying relatively quiet for that matter.
So we sat an hour or so at a nearby a fountain where he consumed 2 pears, a bag of sliced cheese, a bag of pretzels, a sippy of water, half of an apple, and 3/4 of a ham sandwich. Yes, he had been fed breakfast and lunch that day.
This brings me to our Arleigh 18 month update.
He weighs in still at only 20 pounds.
He eats 6 times a day and will munch on just about everything.
He's not picky.
The kid is in constant motion. Really, perpetual motion.
He is curious about everything and will be left behind those siblings for nothing.
He babbles a lot. Like his body, his mouth in in motion most always as well.
He likes to close himself in the bathroom so he can play in the toilet all by his lonesome.
He likes books, loves to dance, sometimes sings, and is trying hard to learn the violin, much to his mother's dismay.
He has a fabulous smile, great dimples, and still makes that funny face a lot which I mentioned.
He's a lot of fun. Growing in independence, he's going to be a handful of laughter and tears the next few years- no doubt about it.
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