Monday, April 26, 2010

Top Ten Things To Do While Waiting For A Plane Outta Spain

NUMBER ONE- There are the obvious options- like taking the kids swimming at the hotel pool.

(What's not so obvious is how to avoid second takes at the topless eighty something sunbathers on the pool deck).

NUMBER TWO- There are the resourceful options which the kids come up with- like presenting a light show from the stage of a hotel bed, using light wands given to them by the ladies at the Chinese restaurant after dinner.

NUMBER THREE- Always a nice option. Photograph the grandparents teaching your children how to pose in a photograph.
NUMERO FOUR -Visit the Mediterranean Sea

FIVE -Play beauty shop with grandma until her eyes cross


This chocolate came in handy when we were told there were no buses available for 2 weeks and no trains to Paris for almost 3 weeks.

 Make a fort (again- kid's choice here)

 Take a trip to the local Wild Western/Spaghetti Film location
If you haven't seen the pictures on that one, go one post back.

 Go shopping. Let me tell ya, the meat is readily available most everywhere.

 Last but not least, watch another round of BBC World news for info on where you might find a way home again. (Thank goodness one of the 5 channels in our hotel room was in English, and thank goodness  BBC covered the volcanic issue so often. We wouldn't have had a clue about what was going on otherwise. It is also because of those BBC broadcasts, that we knew others were worse off, sleeping in airports etc. and realized that our own situation could have been much poorer).

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