Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Bees Knees

The flowers are blooming. Buds are opening. The scene is lovely.
But, around here, that means allergies.
 Ugh. The sniffles, itchy eyes, runny noses, green streaks of snot wiped across my shoulders because my kids think I‘m a Kleenex; tis the season.

As a pharmacist, I’m not keen about dolling out medicine if I don’t have to. The benefits and the risks (side effects) always must be weighed to determine if a drug is really necessary.
That said, I’m happy to announce our newest cure for what ails ‘em. ~ local, unprocessed, honey.

HONEY- indicated for seasonal allergies.

MECHANISM OF ACTION- some pollen from the bees is carried on their body into the hive, and in turn drops into the honey. The small doses of pollen work in a similar way that allergy shots do, exposing the body’s immune system to small doses of allergen at a time. Hence building up a tolerance to the allergens.

RECOMMENDED DOSING- teaspoonful daily of local, unprocessed honey

SIDE EFFECTS- sticky hands, sweet taste in mouth, kids begging for 1 more spoonful

EFFICACY- seems to be working wonders for all of us.

CAUTIONS- (quite seriously) anaphylactic shock has been reported in some people trying honey therapy, so start with low doses, and slowly work up to larger spoonfuls as tolerated.

The kids think this is the most fun ever. Mom giving honey out as “medicine”?!?! It really has done the trick though. Honey- drug of choice, first line therapy for seasonal allergies. It’s the bees knees!

***Herbal meds? Well, it’s really important to prove a substance is safe and effective before it’s touted as medicine. If a substance has been proven safe and effective by a reputable source, then it may be just fine. All drugs, herbs, and even food, can be helpful or harmful in particular quantities even when proven safe and effective. Minimal study has been done on my most current drug of choice, however. Placebo effect? Fascinating idea…but, I honestly don’t think this is a placebo effect- as allergy signs and symptoms have diminished, if not vanished, for all of us.

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KT said...

I love that you posted this...I had heard this before and always wondered how well it worked...definately food for thought. Missing you on our island. Hugs to the whole family.

Fat Pilot said...

We miss you on our island too! :-)

Mandy said...

Sweet you guys! We'll be back on native land July- in Norfolk mid month...hope to see you Shellie!
Katie- sorry, we're not hoofing it back there anytime soon (thank goodness!) ...but let me know if you need anything! :0)
miss you both

Anonymous said...

Mandy, I just did some back reading on your blog last night and then Matt mentioned this today when I was venting on FB about Lauren and her sensitvity to meds (specifically allergy meds). I will have to give it a try! Do you think the honey specifically has to come from Erie or do you think locally from Fkln. would be okay too??