Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Sunday from Outer Space

Watch live streaming video from spaceflightnow at

Wandering online today, somehow we bumped into a streaming video of the space mission to the international space station. We're talkin' live video of the flight to the space station, docking, and video from inside the station. Astronauts floating all over the place, calls made back and forth from mission control to the shuttle, and pictures from inside the command center in Houston; the kids loved it. I'm not a 'trekky', but  must say, it is pretty cool to watch.

Quite seriously, we spent much of the day listening and watching this live video from the shuttle. Impressive and dare I admit, fun?  Is it completely nerdy to say that it was fascinating?
We tried to impress upon the young minds that to be able to sit at the computer and watch in real time, what is happening in space, far above the Earth's surface, is truly a leap from our own childhood views of space. I can remember all too well, an announcement over the loud speaker in (art) class one day in 1986, when the Space Shuttle Challenger had lifted off with a teacher on board. Soon after, a solemn follow up announcement - the Challenger had broken apart, tragically in flight.
Over time, of course, we've heard and read about the NASA program, lift offs and returns back to Earth. The furthering of science, water on the moon, experiments, video from space, and so on. Though I never thought back then that I'd be showing my own kids, NASA's work on an international space station, live from the computer in our home.
I can't begin to imagine what they will show their own kids someday.

Stella has informed us that now she'd like to "keep on reading books, doing homework and studying" so that she can become an astronaut. (Last week she wanted to be a ballet teacher, last night she wanted to be a French chef.)
Go for it kiddo. Just do it well, whatever you do.
And don't forget, mom told you "you can do it" :)

As long as it's broadcasting, you can view the mission via this live link, spaceflightnow
 or go to the NASA website NASA TV and view space video there as well.
It's out of this world!


Fat Pilot said...

Well, it could be least you don't have a future rock star/architect on your hands. Thankfully architect was the one chosen for the school project due in two days. Although, a rock star project could have been entertaining. You are a fun mom, mom!

Mandy said...

Oh Man! Rock star would have been a blast! It's gotta be better than architect!?! Probably pays better too!

Fat Pilot said...

So Park did her project mostly by herself in time, but she was also supposed to dress up. I had no idea how an architect dresses and, of course, I waited until THIS MORNING to try to throw something together. Not much success but it was rather amusing. Popped out the lenses to my old glasses, threw her hair up, put her in an oxford (tucked in), and some dress pants. She completed the outfit with a bunch of pens and pencils in her pocket (that made her look more like an engineer. She didn't like that comment). So voila. I made her look old and by virtue of that she became an architect. Super Mommy (not) hehehehe I'm so lame!

Mandy said...

Congrats to Parker for picking such a great career! She can design my next house :) Congrats to her mom for thinking on her feet so qucikly! I bet she looked fab!