Saturday, May 29, 2010

It is for this reason,

that I will never own a fancy schmancy, pricey, great lookin' pair of sunglasses.
Trampled, sat upon, crushed, twisted, fingered by little hands til lenses pop out, lost,
misplaced, fallen to peril into water below;
I wish I knew why my sunglasses are always doomed.
So the count many shall we burn through this summer?

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Julia said...

Mand -
Bets and I stumbled upon a few years ago. There is a pretty hefty pricetag on the sunglasses but the benefit of this site is that it not what they cost you. You are only responsible for the processing and handling charge. Sunglasses can then be found on this site pretty cheap. Most styles are a little more 'sporty' looking than the pair that was just ruined for you, but these are pretty cheap options. And they update their product line about every two months, so styles are always changing.

Mandy said...

Thanks Jul- I'll check it out.
I wish I'd started counting the day I started having kids...I must be up to a good 100 sunglasses goe bad by now. So sad!