Monday, May 10, 2010

Off to the Circus

Belgian schools send the classes on outings and trips all over the place.
Most schools send the children on journeys that are several days long.
This was the case for Addie's class.
She's heading out with the class to spend time with the circus for 3 days and 2 nights.
Next year, it's a trip to the farm, and a week of work there.
Most parents have very mixed feelings about these overnight journeys.
Some think it's great for the children to gain independence.
Others find it difficult as their kids leave on overnight stays longer than they have ever been away from home.
There were several weeping mother's at the bus this morning.
Most of them all gathered in tight groups on the parking lot,
feverishly waving good-bye to the smiling faces behind tinted charter bus windows.

Around here, we're all a little sad and will miss her over the next few days.
(except Stella, who is deeply jealous that her sister "gets to go away").
Addie seemed ready and looking forward to the excursion.
Heck, she's been prepped for this for a long time, as we truly are a circus act on our own.
We sent her with a disposable camera and will be looking forward to the photos she returns to share with us.
Stay tuned for scenes from the big top!
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Fat Pilot said...

That's cool! Big Addie :-(

mandy said...

It is pretty cool. What's not cool is the flurry of updates the parents continue to email out.
"They arrived."
"They are getting set up in their rooms"
"They have unpacked"
My goodness!??! Was any of that in question? Just call me in the event of an emergency?!?! Otherwise I'll see the kid in 3 days. (That's not to say that we aren't thinking of her quite often).
And how are you? Still, fat pilot? You really must change that name. I beg you. I know you and fat is not it. There are so many other great adjectives gal...

Fat Pilot said...

hahaha....we love them but a little break is nice now and then! yes, I am still fat pilot. Although I have been getting up at 0530 to run each morning for three weeks now. I actually enjoy it because the house is dark and quiet. The problem is that I am sitting here eating out of a bag of reece's peanut butter's a delicate balance. I think getting old is making me crotchety. I want what I want and reeces happens to be it. So maybe enough running will eventually counterbalance things. hehehehe