Thursday, May 27, 2010


I was asked to take photos this weekend for a family with 4 little ones.
(Wish me luck- I'm a little nervous).
Free practice for me, free photos for them. Although, the weather here is rather unpredictable to say the least. We never know if it will rain or shine from one minute to the next. The changes in light come quickly and are completely random- cloudy as can be, then suddenly bright sunshine, and then back to overcast for another few minutes. This is nerve wracking to me, considering 4 little kiddos in constant motion, extended family from out of town in the photos, and a location I've yet to see...

So I thought I'd take Arleigh in the yard to practice a bit today. I have no idea why, but when I reviewed these photos, I tinkered with black and white. Just for fun I suppose....
Thank you again to the St. Louis family for providing him with his "doudou" as they say in French...better known to our family as "Bunny Bunny". His best friend and shadow. If we ever lost Bunny Bunny, I think  know the world would stop turning. Another mom referred to the snuggle blanket as "that thing" today. I admit, it looks like it could hop away on its own, but it's so much more than a 'thing' to us.
 Bunny brings us all peace.

An insatiable curiosity and endless supply of energy, this boy doesn't stop.
All day.
Not once.

His curly top is so touchable. Always wispy and silly looking. I hope those blondie curls stay around awhile.
The kid has quite a personality too- constantly inventing new faces to grab attention. A complete ham for anyone who will pay attention to him.

I don't know why I went black and white on these, especially when the motive was to practice as the light settings changed. A little splash of color next time I think...
In the meantime, do me a favor and keep your fingers and toes crossed, or, pray for rain in Brussels!


jamie said...

I have complete faith in you! You're going to do a fabulous job, as always. Say a little prayer before you go - I always do!

Mandy said...

Jamie, you're kind...but I'm still nervous :) Little prayer? I'm thinkin humungo prayer on this one! Thanks for the vote of confidence! Wish you were here.