Sunday, May 30, 2010

The rain came...

Well, I asked to pray for rain and, um, we got it. I wish I hadn't.
We went through with the session as planned, but drizzles made the photo taking all the more troublesome.
Despite the weather changing about every 30 seconds, quite literally, we managed to make the best of that shoot I was dreading.
I suppose this is the tell tale photo.
Surely, there was fun to be had, in spite of dreary weather.

So, the rain came, and instead of heading inside, parents were convinced
to allow some puddle jumping in the name of fun.

It was fun. I left all wet and muddy too.
Admittedly though, it was comforting to wave goodbye
and know that I'm not doing the laundry there tonight!

Thanks Knaack family. Great fun, even without the sun!
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Anonymous said...

wow, great site!

Anonymous said...

Incredible shots, you are a talented photographer. Are you a professional?

Pat and Tammie Everly said...

Hi Mandy~
Just checking in with your crew, love reading your blog & photos as always. Hope all is well in Belgium :-) ~Tammie

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

Fat Pilot said...

pics are AWESOME but then I didn't expect anything less. A photographing pharmacist. Great at it all you weenie! :-)