Friday, June 18, 2010

The Beekeeper

I do love the education here. The hands on approach. The mix of sensory and classic teaching methods.
Case in point. The kids in this Belgian classroom aren't just talking about nature, or chatting about beehives, they are experiencing it all.
First hand. In the class orchard.
Addie, kid you not, in beekeeper garb.

At the beginning of the year, the children visit the orchard and pick fruit. Then they return to school where they make jam.
Later in the year, they come to tend the orchard, cleaning up brush, protecting trees from insects, and pruning tree limbs.
They study birds here and check on bird houses as well.

On this particular day, they were learning about the leaves, pollen, and insects.
Specifically spending time with bees and studying their environment.

Thank you to Madame Brigitte for sharing her photos and more importantly, for sharing the orchard with Addie and her classmates.
It seems incredibly lucky to be able to learn in such a hands on way.
So much in this wide world cannot be taught in a book, but simply must be experienced.

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