Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A moment too late, or just in time?

Two at school, one home sick in bed, and this one constantly on the run.
Apparently I should have stopped at 1 child, cause 2 seem to be more than I can handle today.
While I was tending to Emory, sick in bed, Arleigh decided to occupy himself, in the bathroom.
Not sure if I arrived a minute too late, as he'd put 2 hangars, 2 rolls of toilet paper, a toothbrush and a container of Lysol wipes down the toilet. ( I had no idea so much could fit in the toilet bowl.)
I found him just as you see here- sucking down toothpaste. Yes, he was fed today.
Perhaps though, I arrived just in time. He could have wreaked havoc in there- of all the possibilities I can imagine, this seemed almost light hearted. Or is that because I do have 4 children?
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Julia said...

If that was my toothbrush I found on the floor, I guess I would have just hoped that Arleigh had thrown it in the toilet as well. :)

Fat Pilot said...

OMG! That is freaking hilarious...I mean, it will be one day... :-D (nah, it IS hilarious). Hope you're hanging in there. Guess you need to go shopping for toiletries now.

Mandy said...

yep- need new toothbrushes first off! glad someone thinks this is funny.