Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chocolate, Waffles, Lace and...

Tapestries. Tapestries have been in production in Belgium for several hundreds of years. Up until the introduction of the Jacquard loom, which was founded  in 1808, every single Belgian tapestry was hand woven by skilled weavers, most of whom had fled from France during the Hundred Year War. With so many weavers settling in Belgium, tapestry crafting became an integral part of Belgian culture to the point where Belgians are now the most reputable tapestry manufacturers in the world.

The tapestries are as popular in culture as chocolate, waffles, and lace.
I had not taken much time to really study the tapestries in the local stores, because I didn't want to constantly have to remind little fingers not to paw open works of art. But,
stumbling into a tapestry shop today, I found myself ooh-ing over the colors and sharpness of the images cast into each scene portrayed. 

These tapestries are truly pieces of art.
 In fact, in a simple distanced glance, you might mistake them for paintings.

It's not a wonder that they are purchased for display, often with the intent to be handed down through family generations. 
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