Sunday, June 27, 2010

Walkin on by

Family walk last night- wandering through the neighborhood farm fields and into a restaurant for a snack.
It was a lovely summer evening.
Stella truly loves nature. Specifically plants. She's fascinated with gardening and I swear she has it in her to be a farmer. ( I know, I know, we just posted that "she wants to be a doctor". That was sooo yesterday.)There's nothing more fun to her than picking veggies and fruit, wandering through fields, and inspecting all the plants in her path.

So a walk around the local farms was as sweet as apple pie to this kid.

I have a feeling we may end up on an overnight farm trip sometime in the future. There are lots of them around Europe. The visiting family stays at a guesthouse on the farm and wakes to help do everything from milk the cows to plow the fields.

The corn and Arleigh, will both be 'knee high by the 4th of July' this year.
Arleigh remains amused at everything in his path.

Usually seen holding his pants up in one hand, and Bunny Bunny, his forever companion and confidant, in the other. He's a chatty fellow nowadays, constantly adding more and more vocabulary to the list.

Invincible, as long as he's not hungry, tried, and has his favorite bunny by his side.

The evening walks and bike rides with the kids are lots of fun and we enjoy each new adventure. long as we have bunny bunny with us :)

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Julia said...

Mand -
Your kids always appear so color coordinated. As for Arleigh and his too big of a pair of pants....maybe Addie could sew an extra seam in that back of those?!