Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Wanna Be a Dad

Father's Day in Belgium was last weekend. We celebrated then. Most of all, because Stella made daddy cookies at school, and if she had to wait for the American Father's Day, a week later "the cookies would be hard and yucky". (Truly, it had nothing to do with the fact that she has a sleepover lined up at a friends house on the American Father's Day, and couldn't bear to miss the festivities for daddy at home. *wink* *wink*)
So- Papa received the gifts, and his breakfast in bed. Although unlike Mother's Day, they left him to his food and simply berated him until he opened the gifts.

Let me say, these gifts were so awesome, I wanna be a dad.

 Emory, gave a "Papa a Board" triangle to place in the lucky window of his car, so all those who zoom past will recognize there is a dad in the car. This triangular window poster was high on the "needed" list. No one was sure who was driving those kids around. Now they know, "Papa A Board".
Stella gave a "fancy" mug painted with marker and 3 cookies (which she evenly divided among the family, sans the crumbs). Matt had one cuppa from that mug, and upon cleaning it, wipes away half of the decor.
Stella was in tears. Now the mug sits on the kitchen counter, half decorated, half wiped, with coffee rings still lingering in the bottom.
Addie wrote some lovely words in French which Matt could not understand, and took a marker to a pair of socks, which she decorated quite nicely. If you would like a pair of hand decorated socks, she's taking orders :) I cannot guarantee what happens upon washing, but I'd venture to guess, they may end up with the mug. Undecorated.

So to my dear husband, a wonderful father, I say...
Thank you for being a great dad. Thank you~
For picking up my sentence when I’m so frustrated with sticky people that I can’t finish.
For hauling ¾ of the litter to swimming lessons each week.
For making pancakes, and letting little folks do the flipping.
For being fair, to each of us.
For providing for our family. No one has ever had to go without food, clothing. Shelter? Although you’ve caused us to change that up, often enough, there are good things to be said.
For being encouraging, when I have no courage to face another moment of insanity.
For cleaning up the kitchen, packing kids lunches, and sharing laundry duties.
For changing diapers.
For flying home from Armenia when I thought I was on my death bed.
For remaining calm while enveloped in chaos.
For trying to pronounce French words for spelling test practice, reading “Goodnight Gorilla” 500 hundred times, listening to endless violin lessons, and snuggling any kid who thinks they need it. (Even if you do fall asleep within seconds, I love you for it).

Most importantly, for setting a great example as a dad and husband.
You are fantabulous, and you make me wanna be a dad.
Happy Father’s Day!
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