Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holy Stromboli- thumbsucking future?

I was shopping at a local store the other day and looked up from the check out line to see this...

See that ad in the window?
It felt like I was being hit by a ton of bricks.
Addie sucks her thumb.
She's been seeing an orthodontist about it for over 2 years now. The habit began right there in the labor and delivery room.
At age 7, she has yet to knock the habit.
We've tried everything. "Thumbz it", thumb guards (2 sets), tape, band aids, bribes in various forms, timers, nail polish,
the list goes on.
In the end, it's her habit and she's the one who has to quit. Thumb sucking- one of the most difficult things to deal with as a parent so far for us. An obstacle that we absolutely cannot overcome for this child. She simply has to do it on her own.
As of autumn, the orthodontist says she'll have to have braces on her teeth due to the misalignment she's causing.

And it hit me,...this could be Addie in 20 years.
This chick even has the "nose hook" down pat- just the way Addie hooks her finger over her nose.

Holy. Stromboli.

If anyone out there has a recommendation, suggestion, or positive success story that might help, please let us know.
I don't think I could handle seeing Addie's photo up like this from the check out line when I'm 60.
Perhaps if she's modeling for a career, and rolling in money, I'll forgive myself.
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