Friday, June 4, 2010


It's great. The kids in French school. Wonderful.
But it comes at a price. Their English suffers in a bad way.
Spelling?-Atrocios. Attrocious. Atrocious. Horrible.
Reading? Time consuming for both languages.
Writing? Could be much better.

We do "English homework" with the kids each night after school, spending time on everything from geography and math to history and reading. I can't say that we're getting anywhere, but we at least feel like we're helping to minimize a backlash of work and catching up upon return in a few years.
Sometimes homework is fun. The kids watch "schoolhouse rock" videos from you tube. Sometimes it's practical, they write thank you or get well cards. Sometimes it's simple- "read this book to me kiddo".

I don't know if we'll bother so much next year though. I'd rather be playing.

Stella agreed to read last night. Her voice sounded like she was just succumbing to homework, knowing she had her own ideas of how to spend the evening.
She's a good reader.
I have no idea why I worry, except that she's so lacking in confidence at times,
and, so lazy if she's allowed to be.
So, instead of reading from a book. I suggested that she read right off the patio.
Daddy wrote out sentences and she simply read them off.

I didn't even bother to look at the 'homework' til well after the kids had journeyed to the land of nod. Very funny though.
Who cares what they say, if it gets her to read. Eh?
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