Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is that even legal?

The words uttered after the first summer cut ever...
Our neighbor approached the yard, and nodding to the dog's new hairdo, asked in a half serious tone,
"Is that even legal?"
We felt bad for everyone. The neighbor who had to stare at the dog.
The dog, who clearly knew his makeover was, let's say, less than easy on the eye.
And even felt sorry for ourselves, because we just paid a lot of money for someone to do this to our dog.

He got the full grooming, again. The real deal. The complete shave down.
All because we felt he was too warm under the heavy coat.
It was tracking a forest into the house.
Not to mention we have others around here who need their hair brushed daily as well.
He's not eye candy, no. But time heals all wounds. Even sore eyes.
(So sorry Dudley dog. We hope you'll forgive us.)
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Julia said...

I think he is okay with it...he doesn't have to look at himself in a mirror. Plus he probably feels like a brand new dog; they probably shaved a good 5 pounds of hair off of him!

Mandy said...

So true:)

Aaron and Hollie said...

He looks awesome! Much better haircut than the cut I gave him...granted that was free and solely done to remove the sticky shrew trap....

Fat Pilot said...

Dudds looks great!

Mandy said...

Poor Dud- he does look great :)Loves the walks and evenmoreso now that hes not hauling around a bouffant hirdo. And yes, he's so happy to be rid of glue shew traps! Whew!!!!!