Sunday, June 27, 2010

Miss Venera

Man I'm gonna miss 'Miss Venera' and Katrine.
Miss Venera is from Russia and is married to a gentleman from Germany. They live close by in the neighborhood here in Belgium. We walk to school with them daily. I can't count the number of times Miss Venera has corralled my children from the curb, or picked up their backpack and lugged it to school for the sake of keeping peace. She's been a great friend and neighbor.

She speaks Russian, German, and a little English.
Despite the language barrier, we seem to be able to communicate fairly well.
When the kids play with Katrine, they all speak in French.

Venera is also our hair stylist.
She comes to the house when it's time for haircuts. Demonstrating her talents, she wriggles the scissors and comb around,
fashionably cutting our heads of hair.
What a great great friend- to save us the time and effort of dragging a family of 6 into a hair salon for a trim.
Having done it, I can say that it's grueling. She's a lifesaver.

Miss Venera has never been to the USA and will make her first trip in October when she flies to see her sister there.
We hope she and her family have a fantastic trip.

Thank you so much Miss Venera! See you and Katrine at the playground sometime soon!
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