Friday, June 11, 2010

Plongee avec Masque et Tuba

It's a big deal around here.
Addie has her "expose", a first grade report to be presented to the class, due this week. She chose the subject of snorkeling, "Plongee avec Masque et Tuba", after insinuating that everyone else had taken "everything else possible in the whole wide world to talk about".
So, at first we tried to write a report, and using google translator, babel fish, and other translation tools online, convert the report to French. She wrote it all out, in cursive no less. Made a beautiful poster, filled with snorkeling photos and French words,
...I thought "oh- la la!" This is going well!
...until we took it to the violin teacher, who speaks French and English, for a proof reading.
Not only did she cover her face and say "that does not translate",
She informed us that we had a "bad word" right there on the front of the poster.
In fact, she said it was so "bad" she wouldn't tell me what it meant in front of the children.
Let's just say,..."con" is not something you want your child to have plastered in French across their expose poster. :)
So onward, we utilized our kind and ever so patient NATO intern, Julia, to help rewrite the report.

Someday, the kid may curse me for this, but right now, it's such a triumph.
For this gal to be able to stand up in front of a class and give a full report in a second language on, snorkeling?
Whew!?! Who knew?
I just loved the practice. This is one of her 'dress rehearsals'.
Wow! those socks really make snorkeling, um, interesting...

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Julia said...

Good Luck Addie!
Remember: practice makes perfect.
Just take a deep breath before hand, and I know you will do great!

Mandy said...

Final evaluation yielded 4/5 stars.
Not bad for a first year report in a second language. She was docked for not talking loud enough and for mispronunciations. Better than I could have done that's for sure!
Tres Bien kiddo