Friday, June 4, 2010

Salami Poem

I was trying to explain that anyone can make a rhyme out of anything.
"Anything!" I told her.
"No, that's too hard" she begged, slouching her shoulders. She's always giving up in the face of adversity.
"No it's not hard. It's fun. I'll show you." I was hoping for inspiration.
Before I realized it, the challenge was on.
"Make a poem out of this!" she exclaimed, peeking through the salami slice with squinted eye.
Ahhh- ready?...
This one is for Stella...
If you like salami, on pumpernickel bread and rye,
If you like salami that you can see through with your eye,
If you like salami sliced a hundred miles high,
Then come on over. Join us. But don’t forget the pie!

If you like a sassy girl who torments younger brothers,
If you like a silly girl who gets the coolest cat all flustered,
If you like a funny girl who's sweet as berry custard,
Then step right in my dear friend. And don’t forget the mustard!

If you like an honest place, where no one is a sinner,
If you like dry beverages, and nothing from the vineyard,
If you like a family where everyone’s a winner,
Then just stay home. Forget it. We’d eat you for our dinner!

Never, in a million years, would I have thought I'd write a poem about a slice of salami.
I suppose every day is truly bright and new. Just as the next parent, we'd do anything to instill confidence in the sticky people.

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