Saturday, June 26, 2010

She made this

She fired up the sewing machine, pulled out the thread, and sewed herself a little outfit.
It's pretty darn cute. We owe a big thanks to grandma for passing the material along.
Being the thoughtful kid that she is, she sewed an extra seam in the back to allow "for any boys at school who might tackle" her at recess- as of course, she didn't want her dress to pull apart :) (gulp)
Addie added ribbons and buttons to embellish her new outfit,
which she has proudly worn to several special occasions, such as a school year-end party.

Her new dress looks great and kudos to this 7 year old kid for keeping her cool.
We had a little trouble with the sewing machine, but she was determined.
Not to mention she can thread the machine better than her parents.
Lookin' good kid!
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Julia said...

Spectacular kiddo!
You look great, Addie.